What Curtin Staff Want on:

We asked and you answered. The following are the areas of focus for this round of bargaining according to the needs and wants of NTEU members.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) staff have told the NTEU Curtin Branch they want to see a 7% employment target to reflect the work necessary to meet our elevated RAP and to show Curtin is a leader on reconciliation. We’ve also asked for a funded ATSI Employment Committee, and improved pay and leave.

What management is saying:

Management initially removed our existing 2% employment target, then replaced it with a meagre 2.3% target (just over 7 FTE over the life of the new agreement). Management is opposed to including an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment committee endorsed and supported by First Nations staff in the Agreement and is short-changing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff on language and cultural allowances and leave.


The NTEU Curtin Branch is asking for over 100 permanent teaching and research academic jobs. The only way to meaningfully reduce workload stress, end job insecurity, and systemic underpayment of casual staff is to hire more academics. 

What management is saying:

Management have said no and also rejected casual sick leave and 17% superannuation. The NTEU currently has five disputes on casual academic underpayment at Curtin. We need to put an end to the unethical use of casual contracts.


The NTEU Curtin Branch wants to see a more collegiate and democratic process of determining workload allocation, and to address the psychosocial risks of unsustainable workloads.

What management is saying:

Management have responded favourably to most of the NTEU’s clauses on Professional staff workloads. On Academic staff workloads, management are asking that we put our faith in a new academic workload model, but with no reassurance of how this will meaningfully improve the crippling work stress faced by Curtin academic staff. Worse still, management have not been able to guarantee that the online portal for managing the new academic workload model will be operational even in 2023.


The NTEU Curtin Branch wants to see staff receive a real pay rise that acknowledges their hard work and, with inflation forecast to hit 8% in Australia, gives them some cost-of-living relief.

What management is saying:

Management have responded with a pay offer that equals 2.2% annualised over five years. This will see staff go even further backwards after suffering real pay reductions in the 2020-22 period. Management’s paltry pay offer comes after Curtin posted a $113 million surplus in 2021.

Your NTEU Curtin Branch Bargaining Team:

  • Scott Fitzgerald - NTEU Curtin Branch President
  • Siân Flynne – Vice President (General Staff)
  • Ryan Mead-Hunter – Vice President (Academic Staff)
  • Francis Russell

Supported by NTEU Curtin Branch Organiser Chloe Durand and NTEU WA Division Industrial Officers.
You can contact the team via email: [email protected]

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