Save jobs and stop the cuts at ACU: sign the petition!


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Dancing for a new deal - strike and rally builds the pressure

NTEU members were dancing for a new deal at the latest strike day rally at Swinburne. Check out the photos and video to see what went down.


Save jobs and stop the cuts at ACU: sign the petition!

Sign our petition to ACU senate calling for them to reconsider the proposed cuts and job losses to offset the university's overspending.


ACU change plans: what they mean and what to do

After the ACU change plans were announced last week, we've got a run down of what they mean for you, your colleagues and the university - and how to fight back!


Stalled bargaining sees strike action escalate at RMIT

NTEU members took strike action on Wednesday 13 September to protest delays in bargaining that have seen RMIT staff waiting years for a new enterprise agreement.


RMIT BBQ and strike - what to do and how to get involved

RMIT staff are on strike on Wednesday 13 September, but before that join us at the BBQ on Tuesday. Find out what's happening and how to get involved.