UTAS Unfair workload allocations undermine quality learning and teaching 

Workload Dispute: Know Your Rights

Currently, a dispute has been initiated regarding workload allocations in CALE, and it's vital that you are aware of your rights and the steps being taken to address this issue. Recently, workload allocations at UTAS have been changed without genuine consultation, prompting the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) to initiate a dispute. We want to reassure you that as members, you have the right to challenge workload allocations that fall outside the scope of the staff agreement., as these do. You do not have to accept changes that compromise the agreed terms and conditions in the staff agreement.
In the coming weeks, we will provide updates on the progress of the dispute resolution process. Remember, your voice matters, and the NTEU is here to support you throughout this challenging time. If you have concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via email, phone, or in person. Please share this information broadly with you colleagues, if they are not a member of the NTEU they can join us here

Navigating Budgetary Challenges

We understand the concerns arising from budgetary cuts impacting staff numbers and research allocations at UTAS. The NTEU is actively addressing these challenges on your behalf. It's crucial to stay informed about potential cuts to terms and conditions without agreement. We encourage you to engage with us and your fellow members to ensure that your collective voice is heard and that we are also are made aware of changes which sit outside the agreement clauses.

Empowerment in Action: What You Can Do

Insecure work is a concern, but together, we can address these issues. We want to empower you to stand up and fight back. Our recent achievements include helping members in redundancy discussions, workload disputes, contractual disputes, workplace restructures, and providing valuable training and advice.

Remember that you are not alone—your colleagues and the NTEU are here to support you, union members can fight back. Attend meetings, express your concerns, and actively engage in the decision-making processes through our dedicated workplace union representatives (delegates).

Direct Advice about workload allocations

There is no requirement to “just accept” workload allocations.  Take them away for consideration, talk to the NTEU, talk to trusted friends and colleagues about your allocation.  There is a dispute process available to each staff member should you not agree to a proposed workload allocation.

The biggest concern raised so far is the under allocation of time for various tasks, this includes; administration and community engagement time (10% vs 20% - you are entitled to 20%); marking and moderation time cut, preparation and delivery time cut, revision time cut, research time taken and allocated to teaching tasks, expectations to do more work in your own time, including not allocating for travel time between different places of work..

If not happy with your allocation and you do not agree with what is being imposed, then exercise your rights under the staff agreement clause 23.4 and seek a workload review. If this is happening to your colleagues, you can put in for a collective review.

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Events and Initiatives

Stay tuned for upcoming events related to the dispute resolution process. The NTEU has initiated workload campaigns across multiple disciplines. We want you to be aware that you have the right to initiate the workload model and allocation process—it's not a one-way street.

In conclusion, your involvement is crucial in navigating these challenges. The NTEU is committed to representing your interests and ensuring fair and just working conditions at UTAS. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.

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