As the three national leaders of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) elected by all members, it is our pleasure to welcome you to this website.

NTEU is a union for people working in Australian tertiary education. We have almost 30,000 members and an office on campus at most universities. Whether you're a casual or full-time worker, in academia or admin, at a university, research institute or private provider, NTEU is your union.

Being part of a union helps to protect your rights at work and to access advice and support from experts and workplace reps.
 Instead of an individual representing yourself, the union acts as a collective body of workers representing your best interests and the interests of other workers. 

Already this decade has thrown extraordinary challenges to us all. Fires, floods and a pandemic which has wreaked havoc on Australia’s tertiary education system. Universities were abandoned by Government, jobs have been lost and working conditions undermined.

At the same time insecure work continues to expand at an alarming rate, and universities and private providers across the country have been found to have engaged in mass underpayments, or wage theft.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Repairing, restoring and re-investing in education are vital to all our futures.  

We are proud to say that wherever they are NTEU members are: 

Working together for change 
rotected at work 
Having their voices heard 

Being part of NTEU is believing that together we have the power to make positive change and that, as a country, and as workers, we should aim higher. Aim higher for better work, for better universities and for better lives.

We invite you to join us in aiming higher for tertiary and higher education.

National President

Alison Barnes

General Secretary

Damien Cahill

National Assistant Secretary

Gabe Gooding