We are working towards a better, more equitable future for women.

We are committed to enhancing the participation and voice of women members. Women hold positions of influence and power at all levels of the Union, are active on the Union's enterprise bargaining teams, and contribute to the development of the Union’s strategy at all levels.  

The Union has been a leader in many areas concerning women and their professional and employment rights. We provide support for other women through the ACTU and other non-government organisations and published the first national pay equity study done in Australia.  We also make submissions to parliamentary inquiries on a range of issues of relevance to women in tertiary education.

Every year we hold Blue Stocking Week Bluestocking Week to celebrate the contributions of women to education. Blue Stocking week is named for the first generations of university women of the 19th century who grabbed the term and, even as it was used by their opponents as a derogatory dismissal of their achievements proudly wore it as a badge of serious scholarship.

The week and the events are co-ordinated by the WAC which has representatives from each state-based Division of the NTEU. Events are organised at national, divisional and university branch levels.

The Women's Action Committee


 Chair  Alison Barnes   National President   Email Alison 
 Deputy Chair    Gabe Gooding  National Asst. Secretary       Email Gabe
 A&TSI Academic  Sharlene Leroy-Dyer  UQ  Email Sharlene
 A&TSI Professional           Anna Strzelecki   UniSA  Email Anna
 ACT Academic  Blair Williams  ANU  Email Blair
 ACT Professional  Joelene Washington-King         UC  Email Jo
 NSW Academic  Jennifer Allen  WSU  Email Jennifer      
 NSW Professional  Karen Lamb  ACU  Email Karen
 NT Academic  VACANT    
 NT Professional  Sylvia Klonaris    
 QLD Academic  Marie Kavanagh  USQ  Email Marie
 QLD Professional  Katie Ohmeyer  CQU  Email Katie
 SA Academic  Katie Barclay  ADE  Email Katie
 SA Professional  Cecile Dutreix  UniSA  Email Cecile
 TAS Academic  VACANT    
 TAS Professional  Jenny Smith  UTAS  Email Jenny
 VIC Academic  Virginia Mansel-Lees  La Trobe  Email Virginia
 VIC Professional  VACANT    
 WA Academic   VACANT    
 WA Professional  Heather Pate  ECU  Email Heather

There are women’s networks and groups that you can join all around the country. 

NTEU also administers the Carolyn Allport Scholarship for postgraduate work in feminist studies. The 2021 recipient was Kylie Wrigley. You can read about Kylie's work here.

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Check out the FAQs   
Read our policies on women  and equity
Read the NTEU Submission on Family, Domestic, and Sexual Violence
Read the NTEU Submission on the Government’s Respect at Work amendments

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