The Australian Universities’ Review (AUR, formerly Vestes) is Australia’s oldest refereed journal dedicated exclusively to higher education issues.

AUR is published by the NTEU to encourage debate and discussion about issues in higher education and its contribution to Australian public life, with an emphasis on matters of concern to NTEU members.

AUR has been in continuous publication since 1958 and has a current distribution of about 9,000 copies per issue (print and electronic).

AUR is published twice a year and is on the ERA Ranked Journal List.

AUR can be downloaded by anyone from here.

What does AUR publish?

AUR publishes both articles and other contributions, including short commentary and satire.

All articles are subject to double blind peer review and assessed by independent referees before publication. Priority is given to contributions which are substantial, lively and original and have a broad appeal. Responses to previously published contributions are also encouraged.

How do I get published in AUR?

Please click here  for how to submit a paper to AUR, including word lengths and style guide.

AUR Editorial Board

AUR content is independently determined by the Editor and Editorial Board.

Dr Ian R. Dobson has been the editor of AUR since 2008. His aim is to seek out cutting edge papers and commentary, and to ensure that all submissions are dealt with courteously and expeditiously.

Current AUR Board members: