We are campaigning for a new vision to make higher education the best it can be.

Australia can do better for higher education; for our society, which is dependent on the knowledge generated from our world class researchers, for students who rely on a strong public system to deliver them the education they deserve, and for the staff who are the heart and soul of our universities.  

We believe that a better society needs well-supported universities, and that starts with staff in secure and well-paid jobs delivering quality education and world leading research.

The pandemic, climate change and increasing income and wealth disparity are major issues impacting on society right now that graphically demonstrate the need for a strong and independent research sector. If we are going to solve the problems we face now, and in the future, we need to be ensuring the future of the sector. This includes eliminating the brain drain that results from forcing scholars to build their careers by undertaking underpaid insecure work.

Over the past decade Australia’s higher education sector has undergone fundamental change. Declining Federal funding, increasing corporatisation of our public universities, the undermining of the cornerstones of universities such as academic freedom, collegiality, and research independence. This has weakened the university sector that is vital to Australia’s prosperity.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Repairing, restoring and re-investing in education are vital to our futures.


We believe that together we have the power to make positive change. NTEU members and members of the public are campaigning for a stronger university and tertiary education system.

We invite you to join us in aiming higher for higher education.

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