We bargain for better workplaces, better universities, and better, healthier, working conditions for workers. 

Union negotiated collective agreements provide strong working conditions for all workers in universities across Australia, and in a number of private providers and research institutes. University workers have a wide range of rights and protections as a result of union negotiation and member support for bargaining, but we are still aiming higher.

Working towards better working conditions leads to better institutions, better lives for workers and better outcomes for students. 

Members are central to the process. Members determine what we claim for, campaign in support of those claims, and ultimately decide whether the Union accepts an agreement with management. 

Australian universities have a proud history of producing excellence and exceeding expectations. We produce world-leading research. We open the minds and pave the career paths of our young people and enrich our communities.

These achievements are built on the contributions of passionate and dedicated staff. We are rightly proud of the work we do. But to do our best work, we need secure jobs, a healthy balance between work and personal lives, fair workloads and respectful, inclusive workplaces. Better workplaces make better universities.

In 2023, NTEU members from across the country are campaigning for working conditions that will make our universities better places to work and study. Will you stand with us? 


What we're campaigning for:


NTEU celebrates the inclusion of cultural load allowance clauses into enterprise agreements

National Tertiary Education Union is celebrating the incorporation of cultural load entitlement into many university enterprise agreements.


Secure Jobs

A university that values its staff does not subject them to the stress and uncertainty of permanent insecurity.


Safe Workloads

NTEU members are campaigning for measures to create fairer and safer workloads.


Fair Pay Rises

Show professional staff the respect we deserve and allow us the space to do our jobs and build meaningful careers.


Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commitment

We are seeking meaningful, numeric employment targets.


Inclusive Workplaces

This round we are seeking provisions to assist trans colleagues and further provisions for parents.

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