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Why Academic conditions of employment need change
Highlighting deficiencies and areas for improvement in future clauses governing Academic Staff conditions of employment, this evaluation of Clause 35 in VU's existing Enterprise Agreement is provided by Associate Professor John Kenny, University of Tasmania, who has research expertise in higher education policy, especially academic workloads and performance management.

What are we arguing for?

Safer, fairer workloads for all staff

Improved protections against restructures

A decent pay-rise

Transparent Workloads

All hours paid for all hours worked for casual staff

Flexible working arrangements and the right to work from home 

VU branch log of claims 

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VU Enterprise Agreement 2019
Victoria University's existing (though expired) Enterprise Agreement 2019, covering your pay and conditions of work. 

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The Fair Work Commission held a hearing for the NTEU’s dispute with VU regarding VU’s failure to consult with staff before implementing the Toward One VU Voluntary Separation Program.


Following considerable pressure from the VU NTEU Branch and members, including action on open days, VU gave in part-way through the hearing.


VU has now agreed to pause the VSP program and comply with the EBA clauses around major change by consulting with affected staff members and their representatives. A key outcome is that the University has now committed to address concerns around workload intensification by explaining who else will do the work of departing academic staff. “For example, does the work or duties disappear or is it picked up by others.”


In addition, VU told the Commission it is now “not proceeding with VSPs for professional staff” and is instead “going back to the drawing board” and will commence consultation with affected staff and the NTEU as to its proposed next steps in relation to professional staff.


VU NTEU members have acted together in solidarity and held management accountable to fulfil its obligations under the Agreement and this is a fantastic win for justice and fairness! See full FWC transcript here.

Questions or concerns about what this means for you?? Please contact [email protected].

Trim the top not the talent!

“Pruning”: VU management lacks vision and leadership.

Victoria University (VU) management’s announcement of the ‘Toward One VU Program’ characterized by 300 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Voluntary Separation Packages (VSPs) has produced significant uncertainty, fear, and demoralization among staff.

At the all-staff meeting on Wednesday the 28th of June management gave no clear answers to staff questions about the implications for workloads, the potential impact on courses and subjects offered to students, or whether management will take further actions like redundancies.

The Vice-Chancellor described the proposed changes as “pruning”, but 300 FTE jobs are a significant number of staff and this comes when many of us are still reeling from previous restructures.

Staff who remain at VU are vulnerable to potential local work area changes that will have negative impacts on working conditions, staff health, and student experiences. The announcements blindsided staff and members of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU), neither of whom were consulted prior to the decision. Nor were the health and safety representatives. Where is the care for staff?

This clearly reflects that VU senior management are out of touch with the everyday realities of staff.

 NTEU members have a vision of a VU that centers staff, students and the broader community

 NTEU members are campaigning for changes in our enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) that make VU a vibrant place to study and work. Our log of claims demands that no individual be subject to an organisational change process more than once during the life of the Agreement and that there be protections against workload intensification as a result of restructures.


We believe that higher education is a public good and it should be properly funded by respective state and federal governments. VU staff should not be paying for a crisis caused by inadequate governance and university mismanagement.


A day after VU management blindsided staff, the NTEU held a members’ meeting which overwhelmingly voted in support of pursuing a combination of legal responses and grassroots campaign initiatives including fast-tracking a Protected Action Ballot Order (PABO) to authorise members to take protected industrial action in support of our EBA negotiations.


Get Involved!

  • Print off this flyer, put it up as a poster in your work area, and pass on copies to workmates.
  • If you haven’t already, sign the petition in support of our vision for VU and encourage other staff to as well.
  • We can help you organise a local area meeting to check in on your workmates, discuss management’s proposed changes and talk about how things can be better, safer and fairer.
  • Consider joining a working group or becoming a NTEU delegate and/or health and safety representative (HSR) in your area.
  • Email the union [email protected] or chat to a Branch Committee member if you can help out with the campaign in any way (e.g., leafleting, stalls, postering, phone banking).


Financial Advice for NTEU Members

If you are considering taking a Voluntary Separation Package (VSP), members are entitled to a free consultation and 50% discount on a comprehensive financial plan. You can access member benefits, including financial services in your member portal


If needed, please access VU’s Employee Assistance Program for confidential, 24 hour support.

Your union, your NTEU

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