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Advice & Assistance At Work

Unions have your back when things go wrong at work. Together, we support each other with advice and assistance on workplace rights. NTEU can support you with issues at work including promotion, reclassification, redeployment, termination and redundancy, restructures, contract issues, casual conditions and more.

Local Representation

There's an NTEU office on campus at every major Australian university, so we're never far away. NTEU has around 30,000 members including academic, general/professional and research staff, ELICOS/TESOL teachers and staff of research institutes, student unions and others. Postgrad students can join on a limited membership for free.

A Voice At The Bargaining Table

As a union member, you gain strength and bargaining power from the collective influence of the union. Instead of an individual representing yourself, the union acts as a collective body of workers representing your best interests and the interests of other workers. By joining, you can have a say in how your next workplace agreement is negotiated.

Better Pay & Conditions

In recent years, NTEU members have recovered close to $30 million for casuals who’ve been underpaid. We’ve secured some of the strongest pay rises, superannuation, parental leave and family and domestic violence leave provisions of any workers in the country. Together, we’re continuing to push for secure jobs and better pay.

University Funding & Advocacy

NTEU members have long campaigned for improved funding for our public universities. Together, we ran the successful ‘No $100k Degrees’ campaign to prevent university education becoming out of reach for the next generation of students. We are proud to be a leading voice for increased university funding and improving the sector for staff and students.

Members-Only Portal

NTEU members receive a login to a members-only portal full of exclusive news, information about your rights at work, access to our Help@Work process and member discounts.

Member Discounts

Union members can benefit from discounts from leading brands on technology, financial services, health insurance, dining, entertainment, movie tickets and more! Your membership includes a complimentary legal advice consultation, will writing service and journey to work insurance. Best of all, union dues are tax-deductible.