There are many benefits to being a union member, from help at work, to being part of a community working for positive change, and contributing to a better society and better workplaces.

 Member discounts

Buying movie tickets or a new laptop? You have access to a range of discounts through the Member Advantage program. Check out the discounts on fuel, groceries, technology, financial services, dining, entertainment, movie tickets and more.


UniHealth is a not for profit private health insurer built for higher education staff and families, and is part of Teachers Health, Australia's largest industry health fund. Go to their website for a quote.


 Journey Insurance

We believe that workers should not suffer financial disadvantage if they are injured during their travel to or from work. That is why all NTEU members are automatically covered through an NTEU insurance policy. Find out more.


NTEU is a member of CoPower the not for profit energy retailer that supplies across the national grid. CoPower provides clean, sustainable and affordable energy with all profits reinvested in the community. Some of those profits this year were invested in the Sydney Uni strike fund for our members.

 Taxation Service

Did you know membership fees are entirely tax-deductible? Each year, NTEU also publishes a guide to support you completing your taxes tailored to workers in tertiary education. NTEU members are also eligible for discounts on personal tax advice with Teacher Tax. Find out more.

 Give a benefit back

NTEU is a supporter of APHEDA, the global justice organisation of the Australian trade union movement. We encourage members to sign up for APHEDA which supports developing unions and social movements, partners in sustainable development programs, and provides support in times of crisis.