Who are my NTEU contacts ?

There are lots of people in NTEU to contact if you have a question or want to make a comment. Your key contacts are listed on this page.
If you are looking for advice, assistance or representation about your employment, please use the Help@Work page to contact us.

Your Organiser is the NTEU employee who is responsible for helping out members where you work.

Your Branch President and Secretary are the senior positions on your elected local Branch Committee.

Your Workplace Union Rep is a fellow worker who has volunteered and undergone training to help workers in your workplace.

Branch Committee Member (A&TSI) is Branch executive representative in those branches with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander member at time of ROC request.

Branch Committee Member (Casual Employee) is Branch executive representative in those branches with 20 casual members at time of ROC request.

Your Health and Safety Rep (HSR) is a volunteer who has undergone extensive training to represent workers in your workgroup on all matters relating to your health and safety at work.

If you belong to any of our interest groups you may also see your best person to contact here.

Can’t see the person you are looking for? It may be that a position is vacant, in which there is an opportunity for you to become more active and help your colleagues and co-workers at work. Contact your Organiser if you want to know more.


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