Are you the next HSR?

Steven has been a CSO (admin) for 5 years. He was elected as an HSR by his work group 18 months ago. Since taking on the role, Steven has completed a 5-day training course at Unions Tasmania which equipped his with the knowledge and skills to represent his co-workers on WHS matters.

Steven conducts regular workplace inspections and has worked collaboratively with management to address hazards such as excessive lifting, psychological hazards, noise hazards, air quality hazards, slip trips and falls hazards, ergonomic hazards. He has also been a strong advocate for improved consultation, ensuring workers are given opportunities to provide input before changes are made that could impact their health and safety.

Recently, Steven assisted in the investigation of an incident where a worker was injured when falling on stairs. His involvement helped to identify previously overlooked risks and implement more effective controls.

While it can be challenging to balance HSR duties with his day-to-day work, Steven finds the role highly rewarding. He takes pride in giving his co-workers a voice and contributing to a safer workplace for everyone.

"I became an HSR because I believe every worker deserves to go home safe and healthy at the end of their day. It's not always easy to speak up about safety concerns, so I wanted to be that person my co-workers could come to for support. The training and resources provided by the union have been invaluable in helping me fulfill this role effectively."

If you think your work area needs a HSR or you'd like to find out more information about becoming a HSR then please email us at [email protected]

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