Establish WHS Workgroups - Your Voice Matters

It is important to establish Work Health and Safety (WHS) workgroups at UTAS, driven by the collective voice of our members. It is crucial that we, as employees, take the lead in shaping the safety measures and policies that directly impact our well-being.

The formation of WHS workgroups should be a collective effort driven by the workers who are most affected by the safety conditions in their respective work areas. By coming together and forming these workgroups, we can ensure that our concerns are heard and our expertise is leveraged to create a safer working environment for all.

To approach this process, we should:

1. Identify common safety concerns by discussing the specific safety issues that each of us faces in our work areas. Most workgroups are determined by either common tasks, risks, or location of work. You may have more in common with workers from another discipline in the office next door than team members who are based on a different campus.

2. Propose the creation of WHS workgroups to UTAS management, emphasizing that these workgroups will be led by workers and serve as a platform for us to actively participate in the development and implementation of safety measures.

3. Nominate workgroup representatives who will act as a bridge between the workgroup and the management. These representatives, chosen by the workers themselves, will be the Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs).

4. Engage in open and transparent communication through regular meetings where workgroup members can discuss their concerns, propose solutions, and provide feedback on the effectiveness of existing safety measures.

Remember, by unionising and forming these WHS workgroups, we can collectively advocate for our rights, hold our employer accountable, and drive positive change in our work environment. We encourage each of you to actively participate in this process and share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas with your colleagues and union representatives. Together, we can build a strong and united front to protect our health and safety at work.


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