NTEU Members to attend IWD Rally

NTEU Members will attend the IWD Rally on 7 March 2024 at Franklin Square Hobart at 1pm.

International Women's Day (IWD) is a time to reflect on the progress made towards gender equality and celebrate the achievements of women in all spheres of life. This year, we want to highlight the significant victories that the trade union movement has secured for working women in recent times.

Over the past few years, unions have tirelessly campaigned, and our efforts have led to groundbreaking changes in workplace legislation. We have successfully fought to end pay secrecy, ensuring transparency and fairness in compensation. Moreover, we have made gender equity an explicit objective of the Fair Work Act, emphasizing the importance of equal opportunities and treatment for women in the workplace. Additionally, we have pushed for proactive measures to prevent sexual harassment, compelling employers to take responsibility for creating safe and respectful work environments.

As the union movement, we believe in the power of collective action and solidarity. Rather than celebrating these wins with mere tokens, we will be rallying together to amplify our voices and ensure that these hard-fought victories are widely recognized and implemented across workplaces. It is now our responsibility to leverage these legal changes to drive tangible improvements in the lives of working women.

We extend a warm invitation to all our members and supporters, regardless of gender, to join us in this crucial endeavour. Together, let us continue to fight for a more equitable and just workplace.

Show your support, if you can, by attending the IWD Rally at Franklin Square in the Hobart CBD, this Thursday, 7 March, at 1pm.

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