Urgent Academic Membership Meeting

Yesterday members contacted the NTEU about the new CALE Workload Guidelines

NTEU Members have raised concerns about the newly published V1.6 of CALE Workload Guidelines, which allegedly is open for feedback.

This is not proper consultation, we note the NTEU has not been asked to provide feedback.  To be clear we do not agree with a significant amount of this content.

Clause 23 of the staff agreement sets out your workplace rights around workload allocation, this document appears to deliberately undermine your industrial rights, and this should not be accepted. As a basic starting point - the agreement provides 20% for Administration and Community Engagement - it is not 10% and more than 10% is not provided in 'exceptional circumstances'.

It is unlawful behaviour to breach an Enterprise Agreement see s.50 of the Fair Work Act.

So, we invite all CALE Academics to an urgent teams meeting on 8/11/23 at 11.30am.  Members will get a link to join via email; if you don't get the link, check in with us at [email protected]

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