Bargaining Update # 11

Our Swinburne – An Agreement that Works for You

You will now have received your online ballot for the Protected Action Ballot. If you haven't received it, please check your junk mail and search for "True Vote". If you have any problems, please let us know.

The ballot closes this Monday, so please vote now if you haven't done so already. We need a majority of members to vote and a majority to vote in favour of the actions for them to be approved. 

This week we met with management representatives for our 11th bargaining meeting. Adam Frogley, the NTEU's National Director of the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Unit, was at the table with us. He gave an excellent presentation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment data and spoke to the need for language and cultural allowances for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff. 

In the second half of bargaining, we did a recap of where we are at, and we argued for a full written log of all the changes that the executive is seeking in the new agreement. This will allow us to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, given the piecemeal nature of their approach to bargaining. 

This week, we welcomed a new addition to the NTEU's bargaining team. Gabe Gooding, the national assistant secretary of the union, has taken over from Clare Danaher, who is on long service leave. 

We hope to email you with good news on the ballot on Monday, when we will also provide an update on some of the more surprising details in Swinburne's 2022 annual report.

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