Bargaining Update # 16

Our Swinburne – An Agreement that Works for You

In addition to our continued discussion on leave arrangements, this week's bargaining focussed on the executive's proposals to reduce redundancy entitlements. To get a sense of what this means in practice, the tables below set out what you would be entitled to if the executive's proposals are successful versus what your current entitlements are:

Redundancy Entitlements Professional Staff

Redundancy Entitlements Academic Staff

The NTEU has consistently argued that there can be no diminution in employee entitlements in this bargaining round. We have also argued that there needs to be parity between professional and academic staff in redundancy entitlements. 

On repeat from the executive's bargaining team is that they will rethink their positions and come back to us with alternative proposals. We are still waiting. With no decision-makers at the bargaining table, we are at a stalemate. 

The objectives of the executive appear to be a misguided belief that the future will be characterised by a compliant and silent workforce with little to no say on how organisations function. Far from a contemporary proposal, it is little more than a throwback to when employees were expected to genuflect in the direction of the employer. This old and stale approach to industrial relations has had its day. Simple it may be, but there is nothing contemporary, fair, or sustainable in what the executive has put on the table.

So that we can start to get some traction in bargaining we need to consider our next steps. Please join us on Monday, 26 June, for an important member meeting to discuss industrial bans and bargaining.

Member Meeting – Monday, 26 June 2023 at 12.30 pm. Register here:


Lastly, a reminder that the branch has opened a survey on Swinburne's new Defence Strategy. This strategy prioritises defence research at our university. It was introduced without consultation. Feedback to date suggests that this is a deeply unpopular move. So that we can present a representative sample of opinions to the executive, we need all members to have their say. Please fill in the short NTEU survey here. 


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