Confidence in Swinburne's Senior Executive at an All Time Low

A few months ago, we reported the outcome of our Freedom of Information Requests. One of these was the full release of the 'OneSwinburne' survey results from 2021. As you will remember this survey was conducted at the end of 2021, but results were delayed by several months. When these results were communicated to staff (around September 2022!) they omitted several questions, including that regarding Leadership. It is telling that over 50% of staff indicated in the survey that they did not have confidence in the University's executive group.  

Today (12 January 2023) Swinburne's executive released the results of the 2022 'Pulse Survey'. This one is even worse, with 62% of staff reporting that they do not have confidence in the leadership ability of Swinburne's Senior Executive. It is hard to imagine how this can be construed as anything other than a crisis in the institution. With higher education bargaining commencing properly on 8 February 2023, we can only hope that the executive at Swinburne has started to appreciate the gravity and implication of this trend.

Confidence in Swinburne's Senior Executive 2019-2022


Your Voice Survey Results 2019, 2020, 2021

Pulse Survey Results 2022




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