Protected Action Ballot: Vote YES!

In March and April, members' meetings across Swinburne University endorsed the branch to apply for a Protected Industrial Action Ballot. This application has been approved by the Fair Work Commission, and the ballot will open on Tuesday, 9th May at 9 AM and close at 4 PM on Monday, 15 May. 
Why are we balloting? 

A Protected Action Ballot is a vote conducted among NTEU members at Swinburne to approve specific forms of legally protected industrial action. Whilst having the right to take legal industrial action doesn’t mean we will, if we are going to move management to negotiate a fair and reasonable agreement, we need to be able to hold Senior Management to account for their decisions. 
The thirteen forms of industrial action that the Swinburne branch is asking members to support are: 
1. Stoppages of work of between 5 minutes andProtected Action Ballot 24 hours in duration. 
2. Indefinite stoppage of work.
3. A ban on working outside your usual hours of work. 
4. A ban on participation in staff appraisal processes. 
5. A ban on the use of Swinburne University of Technology online systems.
6. A ban on the transmission of assessment results to the employer.
7. A ban on consultation with or providing support to students outside of the delivery of tutorials, lectures, or workshops.
8. A ban on participation in Swinburne University of Technology events.
9. A ban on attending meetings with supervisors, managers, directors, and Deans.
10. A ban on attending the physical campus of Swinburne University of Technology.
11. A ban on participation in Course Review.
12. A ban on participation in Unit Panels.
13. Bans on the submission of metrics relating to Swinburne KPIs and Objectives, Programs and Performance Indicators.

By voting yes to all 13, we can use the right action at the right time to further our campaign for a fair agreement for Swinburne staff.  

Next Steps?
You will receive an email from TRUEVOTE, who are the ballot agents. 

The ballot will be conducted by secure email, opening on Tuesday, 9 May at 9 AM and closing at 4 PM on Monday, 15th May. 

All members need to vote and vote yes for a fair agreement. Everyone must vote to send a clear message to management that union members are united in rejecting their substandard proposals, and they must be taken off the table. 

Can you help by putting up the Vote Yes poster? Download it here.

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