AUR vol. 64 no. 1, 2022.

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The Australian Universities' Review (AUR) is NTEU's refereed journal, published twice a year. It is published to encourage debate and discussion about issues in higher education and its contribution to Australian public life, with an emphasis on those matters of concern to NTEU members. The journal is sent free to NTEU members on an opt-in basis.



Letter from the editor

Symposium: Coronavirus and the crisis of higher education: Post-pandemic universities

James Roffee and Nic Kimberley

Guest editors James Roffee and Nic Kimberley assembled much of this issue. Their introduction explains all!


A review of Australia’s response to international student needs during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020

Brigid Freeman, Ian Teo, Peodair Leihy & Dong Kwang Kim

A succinct analysis of government policies and practices, the research literature and media reports on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Australian higher education sector and international students.

The pandemic and the welfare of international students: abandonment or policy consistency?

Gaby Ramia, Alan Morris, Shaun Wilson, Catherine Hastings & Emma Mitchell

This article examines the status of international student welfare as a policy question before and during the pandemic and discusses post-pandemic policy implications.

COVID-19 exposes the essential tensions in the provision of higher education and training in psychology: a case study

J. M. Innes & Ben W Morrison

An examination of Australian higher education in the context of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education and training in psychology.

International education recovery through scholarships: a case for a new approach

Joanne Barker & Anna Kent

With the COVID-19-instigated closing of Australian borders, many international students who would have chosen to study in Australia are enrolling in universities in the US, UK and other countries where the borders are open. What will the long-term effects be?


Delivering online to international students

Greg Whateley

COVID19 conditions required a shift to online learning but the unexpected shift created new demands and pitfalls. Will we get back to face-to-face teaching sometime in the future?


The coronavirus pandemic and global labour

Corona and Work around the Globe by Andreas Eckert and Felicitas Hentschke (eds.)

Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer & Meg Young

Additional material in this issue


Decolonising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research

Kathy Bowrey, Irene Watson & Marie Hadley

The authors explain the relevant policies and targets of the research policy infrastructure designed to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research and researchers.


The 50-year war on higher education

A L Jones

It started in the US, 50 years ago: universities under attack. Read on!


Well, I remember when I was young, the world had just begun, and I was happy…. (Matt Taylor, 1973)

Radicals - Remembering the sixties by Meredith Burgmann and Nadia Wheatley

Reviewed by Neil Mudford

She blinded me with science [again] (Thomas Dolby, 1982)

The best Australian science writing 2021 by Dyani Lewis (Ed.)

Reviewed by Neil Mudford

Working in 2021

Lost in Work – Escaping Capitalism, by Amelia Horgan

Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer & Meg Young

A 21st Century gig guide?

The Gig Economy – Workers and Media in the Age of Convergence, by Brian Dolber, Michelle Rodino-Colocino, Chenjerai Kumanyika, Todd Wolfson,

Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer and Meg Young

Ruin or reform and redemption?

Australia’s universities. Can they reform? by Salvatore Babones

Reviewed by Bob Birrell 

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