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Australian Universities' Review, Vol 64 No. 2


Letter from the editor

Ian Dobson

Vale Lynn Meek

Leo Goedegebuure

V L Meek

Arthur O’Neill


Restructures, redundancies and workforce downsizing: Implications for Australian higher education sector post COVID-19

     Alison Owens, Susan Loomes, Margot Kearns & Peter Mahoney

     The reach of COVID-19 continues to be immense. Institutions highly dependent on international students in particular have been impacted.

COVID-19 disruption to research and research training in Australia: Gender and Career-Stage Inequalities

     Alison M. Downham Moore

     COVID-19’s impact on research has been monumental. This paper examines the disruptions caused and considers the long-term impacts.

How the Kingdom of Bhutan played the Australian Government – and won

     Joanne Barker

     The Endeavour international scholarship scheme was a winner for the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan. Was it a winner for Australia?

Zoomed – A personal reflection on the long, slow destruction of Australia’s university system

     Louise Johnson

     COVID’s impact has often been highly personal. This personal reflection wonders whether COVID became a smokescreen for our new neoliberal universities.

Rethinking universities’ foreign interference obligations: Lessons from the High Court

     Matt Simpson & Andrew Tarnowskyj

     The Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act (2018) requires those who engage with Australian political systems on behalf of a foreign principal to register. How could this impact universities?

Occupational health and safety (OHS) and integrated management: A desktop-based review across higher education OHS, business and general management courses in Australia

     Nektarios Karanikas & Lilyan Tyson

     This paper is a review of OHS and business and management programs in Australia and considers ways the career of future OHS professionals could be enhanced.

Hybrid-flexible (HyFlex) subject delivery and implications for teaching workload: A ‘small data’ analysis of one academic’s first-hand experience in 2021 and 2022

     Roger Dawkins

     COVID-19 has changed aspects of how universities provide teaching. Hybrid-flexible teaching is one outcome of this, being a way to simultaneously deliver a subject in three modes.


Overcoming Managerialism? How??

     Overcoming Managerialism: Power, Authority and Rhetoric at Work, by Robert Spillane and Jean-Etienne Joullié

     Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer and Catherine Link

Intelligent design??

     How to Be a Design Academic, by Alethea Blackler and Evonne Miller (Eds.)

     Reviewed by Neil Mudford

Organising during COVID-19

     Organising during the Coronavirus Crisis – The Contradictions of Our Digital Lives, by Mike Healy

     Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer

A life in the academy

     My Accidental Career, by Brenda Niall

     Reviewed by Bob Birrell

Are universities a lost cause?

     The Dark Side of Academia: How Truth Is Suppressed, by The Secret Professor

     Reviewed by Brian Martin

Destructive Management Leadership: a review essay

     Destructive Leadership and Management Hypocrisy: Advances in Theory and Practice, by Selin Metin Camgöz & Özge Tayfur Ekmekci

     Reviewed by Thomas Klikauer

AI, AI, Oh??

     Future superhuman: Our transhuman lives in a make-or-break century, by Elise Bohan

     Reviewed by Neil Mudford

Universities and the common good

     Transforming Universities in The Midst of Global Crisis: A University for the Common Good, by Richard Hil, Kristen Lyons & Fern Thompsett

     Reviewed by Natalie Osborne, Griffith University

Crisis! What crisis?

     Transforming Universities in the Midst of Global Crisis: A University for the Common Good, by Richard Hil, Kristen Lyons & Fern Thompsett

     Reviewed by Eva Crowson and Sharon Stein, University of British Columbia


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