Standing in solidarity with our trans and gender diverse community

On Saturday we saw an open display of transphobia and homophobia, including neo-Nazis on the streets of Melbourne. This has caused understandable concern and distress across the community but particularly for the trans and non-binary community and the LGBTIQA+ community more broadly. 

As a union, the NTEU believes that there is no place in society for transphobia and homophobia.

We stand in solidarity in the struggle to defend and extend the rights of the trans and gender diverse community. At this time, when we are seeing escalating forms of aggression both in the streets and also in legislatures across the globe, unions must clearly state our opposition and stand in solidarity with the trans and gender diverse community.

We reject the notion that trans rights are in opposition to the rights of women. Instead, we argue that the struggle against transphobia is tied to the struggle against misogyny.

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