Wage theft report uncovers over $80 million in stolen wages

News Update, 22 February 2023: The wage theft figure has risen to $107.8M.

Melb Uni now owes more than $45M & UTAS is now paying back $11M owed to workers.


Wage theft has shamefully become an endemic part of universities’ business models. This report uncovers the staggering value of wages stolen in the university sector.

This analysis of 34 cases conservatively found a collective $83.4 million that was owed to staff across the higher education sector. A further three ongoing cases will almost certainly break the $90 million threshold - a shameful indictment that demands a major response from governments and universities. 

More than $80 million in underpayments have been uncovered since 2020 across public universities. The NTEU alone has recovered many millions of dollars in stolen wages. Some universities have admitted wrongdoing while others choose to pursue expensive litigation to fight against the staff that they owed wages.

View the Wage Theft Report by clicking the image below.


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